Wild Game Processing

Quality Cuts from your Game

wildgame-logoAre you a deer hunter? Is your ranch or lease overrun by feral hogs? Ever taken an elk from New Mexico or Colorado, an antelope from the Panhandle, a turkey from the Rio Grande Valley? No matter what you hunt, from exotics to fish and fowl, Kuby’s Wild Game Processing will use your game to make the same great products you have come to expect from the Kuby family.

Friedrich Kuby began making venison sausage in 1728, catering to the local hunters around his home town of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Nearly three centuries later, Karl Junior continues the family tradition with Kuby’s Wild Game Processing.

Skinning Fees

  • White Tail Deer (up to 49 lbs)
    $ 20.00
  • White Tail Deer (50 lbs and over)
    $ 25.00 minimum
  • Feral Pigs and Large Animals
    $25.00 minimum
  • Large Animals will be priced upon request

Standard Processing Fees, Base Charges

  • Animals weighing up to 49 lbs
    $ 60.00
  • Animals weighing 50 - 59 lbs
    $ 70.00
  • Animals weighing 60 - 69 lbs
    $ 80.00
  • Animals weighing 70 - 79 lbs
    $ 90.00
  • Animals weighing 80 - 89 lbs
    $ 100.00
  • Animals weighing over 90 lbs
    $ 1.79 /lb
  • Quarters (Hinds and/or Shoulders)
    $ 12.50 each
  • Back Straps
    $ 7.50 pair
  • Hamburger or Chili Grind from boneless meat
    $ 2.00 /lb
  • Minimum Price for any order
    $ 25.00 min

Sausages, Salami, Jerky, etc.

  • Bacon (1 lb)
    $ 6.75 /lb
  • Bratwurst (5 lb Bag)
    $ 5.25 /lb
  • Breakfast Sausage BULK (Mild or Hot) (1 lb Log)
    $ 4.00 /lb
  • Breakfast Sausage LINKS (Mild or Hot) (5 lb Bag)
    $ 6.75 /lb
  • Chipotle / Monterrey Jack Smoked Links (5 lb Bag)
    $ 5.75 /lb
  • Chorizo (1 lb Log)
    $ 4.25 /lb
  • Fajita Smoked Links (5 lb Bag)
    $ 6.25 /lb
  • Hunter Sticks (5 lb Bag)
    $ 6.75 /lb
  • Italian Sausage Links (Mild or Hot) (5 lb Bag)
    $ 5.00 /lb
  • Jalapeno / Cheddar Salami (1 lb log) (5 lb bag)
    $ 6.25 /lb
  • Jalapeno / Cheddar Smoked Links (5 lb Bag)
    $ 5.75 /lb
  • Jerky (1 lb)
    $ 19.75 /lb
  • Traditional Salami (Summer Sausage) (1 lb Log or 5 lb bag)
    $ 5.75 /lb
  • Traditional Smoked Links (Mild or Hot) (5 lb Bag)
    $ 5.25 /lb

Product Descriptions

  • Type
    Twist Tie
  • Bratwurst
    Fully Cooked. Brown in Pan/on Grill and eat.
  • Breakfast Link
    Metallic Silver
    Fully Cooked. Just Heat and Eat.
  • Breakfast Link
    Metallic Gold
    Fully Cooked. Just Heat and Eat.
  • Hunters Stick
    Fully Cooked. Ready to eat HOT or COLD.
  • Smoked Links
    Fully Cooked. Just Heat and Eat.
  • Smoked Links
    Fully Cooked. Just Heat and Eat.
  • Fresh Link
    Italian, Mild
    UNCOOKED. Cook thoroughly.
  • Fresh Link
    Italian, Spicy
    UNCOOKED. Cook thoroughly.
  • Smoked Links
    Red & White Stripe
    Fully Cooked. Just Heat and Eat.
  • Smoked Links
    Traditional, Mild
    Fully Cooked. Just Heat and Eat.
  • Smoked Links
    Traditional, Spicy
    Fully Cooked. Just Heat and Eat.

A note to visitors to our web site: Kuby’s is a custom wild game processor. We do not sell wild game to the public. Our customers must provide us with wild game, already field dressed and properly tagged when applicable, and we use that game to make our world-famous sausages. Kuby’s strictly adheres to Texas state law, as well as the laws of other states where the game may have been harvested, and we will not accept any game not taken in strict accordance with those laws.

Kuby’s will not field-dress your game. We do not field-dress or pluck fowl. We will not accept any fowl with the feathers on. We do not clean fish. If you have any questions about our policies, please call us before bringing in your game. Thank you for your understanding.